Adrià Sunyer Caldú

ORCID: 0000-0001-5134-1196
Research group: Water, Environmental and Food Chemistry (ENFOCHEM)

He is currently a PhD student enrolled in the doctorate of Environment Analytical Chemistry belonging to the University of Barcelona at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research at the Spanish National Research Council (IDAEA-CSIC). His branch of specialization in the doctorate is the organic pollutants in the environment and his thesis consists of the study of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in different types of environmental samples by HPLC-MS / MS within the Rousseau project.

Adrià Sunyer CV

  • Published articles:

Adrià Sunyer, Ainoa González-Navarro, M. Pau Serra-Roig, Núria Serrano, M. Silvia Díaz-Cruz, José Manuel Díaz-Cruz. First application of carbon-based screen-printed electrodes for the voltammetric determination of the organic UV filters oxybenzone and octocrylene.” Talanta, Vol. 196, (2019), 381-388.

  • Scholarships granted:
  • Scholarship grant from the Water Research Institute (IDRA) to Young People Researchers 2017 consisting of a support for fungible research material


  • Scholarship grant for a collaboration with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry Section) in the University of Barcelona (2018)


  • Professional experience:
  • Spectroscopy technician in the Spectroscopy and Kinetics Unit at ICIQ (Catalan Institute of Chemical Research) between April 2016 and July 2017 (Tarragona, Spain).
  • Formation:

*PhD in Environment Analytical Chemistry since 2018 (University of Barcelona, Spain). Working as contracted staff in the IDAEA-CSIC, his thesis consists in the study of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in different types of environmental samples by HPLC-MS / MS.


  • Supervisors: Silvia Díaz Cruz and Dr. Pablo Gago Ferrero


*Master in Analytical Chemistry between 2017 and 2018 (University of Barcelona, Spain).

  • Dissertation title of the Final Master Thesis: “UV filters in the environment: Study using electrochemical techniques and HPLC-MS/MS”
  • Supervisors: José Manuel Díaz Cruz and Dra. Silvia Díaz Cruz


*Degree in Chemistry between 2010 and 2015 (University of Barcelona, Spain).


  • Dissertation title of the Final Degree Thesis: “Development of a qualitative method for risk assessment in chemical research laboratories”
  • Supervisor: Daniel Sainz García

*Other titles: 

Postgraduate TIC in essential office automation for any type of work sector in 2016 (Escola Pia de Catalunya, Spain)

Postgraduate in strategies and financial management in 2016 (University of Girona)


2017 SGR 01404 – Calidad de aguas y suelos

Suport als grups de recerca consolidats “2017 SGR 01404 – Calidad de aguas y suelos”

Start Date: 01/01/18


Riesgos emergentes de contaminacion quimica y microbiológica en la reutilizacion de aguas residuales para riego agrícola: estudio integrado (ROUSSEAU) Ref. CTM2017-89767-C3-1-R

Start Date: 01/01/18

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