Welcome to the Outreach section, where you can find all the dissemination activities in which IDAEA has recently taken part. Not only IDAEA excellence feeds on outstanding research, but also on its societal impact and benefit. By spreading scientific knowledge to the general public, IDAEA outreach activities aim at raising awareness about environmental problems and changing behaviours to develop more sustainable societies.

We produce a wide range of outreach and dissemination material that are used in workshops, events and talks. The design and creation of these products are tailored according to the targeted audience: children, students, general public, stakeholders, research community, public administration, etc.

Find below some IDAEA dissemination materials. You can also contact us by email: comunicacion.idaea@cid.csic.es

Webinars targeting the general public:

¿Cómo mejorar la calidad del aire urbano? El impacto social de la pandemia Día Mundial de los Océanos ¿Preparados para la nueva normalidad?

PLASTIC’2020 1as Jornadas sobre Contaminación por Plásticos (PLASTIC’2020 1st Workshop on Plastic Pollution)

Sesión 1 Sesión 2

Project summary videos:

DAMA: Cómo los antibióticos y metales se incorporan a los cultivos de consumo humano ANTOM: transporte de compuestos químicos sintéticos al océano antártico Detección y análisis de contaminantes en la naturaleza y biodiversidad Life SPOT project - finding green solutions for treating polluted water


La Semana de la Ciencia (The Science Week) is one of the most important scientific events in Europe. Over a two-week period in November, La Semana de la Ciencia's main objective is to bring science and technology closer to citizens.

IDAEA participates every year in La Semana de la Ciencia with the aim of raising awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment and showing how our research addresses these environmental global issues.

Find below a selection of outreach talks from La Semana de la Ciencia 2020. For more outreach videos, visit our YouTube channel.


The project ‘Las chicas son de ciencias (CSIC4girls)’ aims to promote scientific and technological culture among elementary school students. Funded by the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología, and in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC), the project is ongoing and offers 6-12 year-old girls the opportunity to get in touch with scientific culture and to explore and experiment with environmental science and technology.

Through this initiative, the CSIC wants to develop female talent and scientific and technological vocations, increasing their visibility and boosting their self-confidence in their abilities.

CSIC4girls offers online scientific workshops taught by IDAEA and IQAC researchers. They are interactive workshops where these children can actively participate doing experiments and interacting with other girls and the researchers.

Workshop “Atmospheric pollution: do you know what it is in the air you breathe?”


More information about CSIC4Girls and next workshops in the website csic4girls.es

Find below a selection of the experiments carried out during the workshops.

Funded by:

In collaboration with:


As a environmental-research center, IDAEA has participated in the EU Green Week during the past years.

In 2021, the IDAEA and the neighbour association Eixample Respira temporarily block Aragó street, one of the Barcelona busiests streets, to raise awareness about the city's air pollution. The Som-hi Aire BCN action was complemented by a round table bringing air quality specialists together with community leaders, the city council and neighbours.

Flyer round table Som-hi Aire BCN EU Green Week


In the 2020's edition, IDAEA organized its first IDAEA Open Day. Visitors made a tour around the facilities and carried out two workshops on some of the environmental problems that affect ecosystems, biodiversity and humans.

In spite of Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures, the IDAEA Open Day was a successful experience, which encouraged us to keep doing it in the future.

Flyer IDAEA Open Day - ConCiencia-te con el medio ambiente (ESP) 
Flyer IDAEA Open Day - ConCiencia-te con el medio ambiente (CAT) 


The European Researchers’ Night is an Europe-wide public event that brings researchers closer to the public. This event showcases the diversity of science and its impact on citizens’ daily lives, stimulating interest in research careers – particularly among young people.

The IDAEA has taken part in numerous editions, contributing to close the gap between the scientific community and citizens by ensuring knowledge transfer in environmental issues related to human activity.

Find below a selection of some talks conducted for the 2020 edition.

Distribució dels contaminants a vista d’ocell El problema de los aditivos químicos en la economía circular Aiguamolls vs. microcontaminants Lípidos: ¿héroes o villanos? Disrupción endocrina: ¿estamos a salvo?

MinerMat2020 Minerales, materiales, medio ambiente y desarrollo sostenible is organised every year by Fira Barcelona.

With the collaboration of GEO3BCN-CSIC and ICMAB-CSIC, a total of 16 talks and workshops about geology, mineralogy and sustainable development were offered. This year, due to Covid-19 outbreak, MinerMat was held online and all the activities were broadcasted live on our YouTube channel.

Take a look at some of the talks below.

El mercurio en la minería de oro: impactos y retos futuros Taller: Detectiu de roques: descobrim les roques a través d'activitats Del hielo al fuego: volcanes en la Antártida Les Terres Rares: L'or del s. XXI que controla la tecnologia
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