Welcome to the Outreach section, where you can find all the dissemination activities in which IDAEA has recently taken part. Not only IDAEA excellence feeds on outstanding research, but also on its societal impact and benefit. By spreading scientific knowledge to the general public, IDAEA outreach activities aim at raising awareness about environmental problems and changing behaviours to develop more sustainable societies.

We produce a wide range of outreach and dissemination material that are used in workshops, events and talks. The design and creation of these products are tailored according to the targeted audience: children, students, general public, stakeholders, research community, public administration, etc.

Find below some IDAEA dissemination materials. You can also contact us by email: comunicacion.idaea@cid.csic.es

Webinars targeting the general public:

¿Cómo mejorar la calidad del aire urbano? El impacto social de la pandemia Día Mundial de los Océanos ¿Preparados para la nueva normalidad?

PLASTIC’2020 1as Jornadas sobre Contaminación por Plásticos (PLASTIC’2020 1st Workshop on Plastic Pollution)

Sesión 1 Sesión 2

Project summary videos:

DAMA: Cómo los antibióticos y metales se incorporan a los cultivos de consumo humano ANTOM: transporte de compuestos químicos sintéticos al océano antártico Detección y análisis de contaminantes en la naturaleza y biodiversidad Life SPOT project – finding green solutions for treating polluted water
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