Today 22 April 2020 is the 50th anniversary of EARTH DAY!

22 April 2020

Human society is expanding and globalising at an unprecedented, accelerating rate, pushing the limits of what our ecosystems can sustain. Here in IDÆA we recognise this and we work to make things better. Our environmental science institute is devoted to the study of the footprint of the chemical changes our species is imposing on the biosphere, especially centred on two of the great environmental challenges of our time, namely the cleanliness and availability of the WATER we drink and the quality of the AIR we breathe.

We are vulnerable, more vulnerable than we care to admit. The current Covid-19 pandemic is just one reminder of how our society is under threat. But we have to be positive and optimistic. Right now we are the dominant species on our planet and as such we have a duty to care for the biosphere: it is worth the effort. Spaceship Earth is a beautiful place.

Teresa Moreno
22 April 2020

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