The Young Researchers’ Day 2022 involves a mass participation of the IDAEA youngest researchers

18 November 2022

The IDAEA Young Researchers’ Day 2022 (YRD) took place on November 10 in a face-to-face format. A total of 106 people attended the event, including post-docs, technicians, and principal investigators. The programme covered the participation of 44 PhD students who explained their scientific research in three different formats: 12 oral communications, 14 flash talks, and 18 posters.

In this edition, the poster session was carried out by the speakers rotating in small groups and explaining their posters to different attendees. They could also participate in a workshop about creativity in scientific communication, conducted by Enrique Conches and Jordi Díaz, from El Nanoescopista.

From left to right: Francesc Labad, Enrique Conches during the workshop, and Animesh Nepal. | Source: Alejandro Rodríguez

There were 6 prizes of €200 for the best communications and the winner group of the Trivial!

The YRD finished with a garden party, conducted by the DJ and entertainer Xaxi Xixarrus.

From left to right, the winners of the YRD22: Marten in ‘t Veld, Diana Manjarrés, Valeria Vecchi, Giuseppina Zuri, Juliette Bedrossiantz, Dario Sciandra, and Milan team: Albert Menéndez, Marc Marín, Aina Queral, and Carlos Pérez.


From left to right, the organizers of the YR22: Raimon Martínez, Isabel Díez, Olga Gómez, Bernat Oró-Nolla, Juliette Bedrossiantz, and Maryam Pyambri.

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