The researcher Víctor Vilarrasa is new member of the Global Young Academy

12 March 2021

The IDAEA-CSIC’s researcher Víctor Vilarrasa, from the group Groundwater and Hydrogeochemistry, is appointed as a new member of the Global Young Academy. His application was selected on the excellence of his scientific research, but also on his demonstrated societal engagement. Vilarrasa’s line of research focuses on CO2 geological storage, geological nuclear waste disposal and enhanced geothermal systems, with special focus on the geomechanical aspects that may lead to induce seismicity.

The Global Young Academy gives a voice to young scientists around the world. The Academy has selected 31 new members from 28 different countries to join in June 2021 for a tenured of five years. They officially begin their five-year term during the Annual General Meeting and International Conference of Young Scientists, which this year will be held online from 1–4 June.

IDAEA-CSIC Communication

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