The IDAEA project BCN-ArtAmbient is awarded by one of the “Beques Premis Barcelona 2020”

16 July 2021

The outreach project BCN-ArtAmbient from the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) is awarded with one of the Barcelona City Council grants “Beques Premis Barcelona 2020”. Coordinated by the Gender Equality Committee and the Communication and Outreach Department from IDAEA, in collaboration with the street art specialized center, B-Murals, the project aims at generating artistic proposals to disseminate the IDAEA research in an innovative format: urban art. Guided by the expertise, creation tools and artistic quality provided by B-Murals, BCN-ArtAmbient aims at unifying science and art from a gender perspective.

Selected from a total of 2275 applications, the project will be developed by the IDAEA scientific-technical community (more than 200 people from a wide range of origins, ages and work activity). With the help of the B-Murals artist, the IDAEA staff will shape the scientific research topics, such as plastic waste, the role of cities in global warming, or pollution into an artistic piece.

The award ceremony took place on July, 15th at Teatre Grec. The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, declared that these grants are key to generate a new city model to face global crises (Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, economic crisis, etc.). The deputy mayor and director of the Area of ​​Culture, Education, Science and Community, Joan Subirats, clarified that culture is not only restricted to theater, cinema or art, but that science or technology are also part of the concept of culture.

“The democratic city is achieved with specific actions in educational, cultural and scientific policies,” stressed the mayor.





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