The European Committee for Standardization-Technical Committe on ‘Air quality’ meets at IDAEA-CSIC

23 June 2022

The technical committee CEN/TC 264 of the European Committee for Standardization ‘Air Quality’ in its 30th plenary meeting at IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona.

On 21 and 22 June 2022, the technical committee of the European Committee for Standardization  (CEN/TC 264) on ‘Air Quality’ celebrated its 30th Plenary Meeting at the IDAEA-CSIC facilities. The IDAEA researcher Esteban Abad, head of the laboratory of dioxins, hosted the meeting as he is the convenor of the CEN/TC264 working group 1 about atmospheric dioxins. 

The technical committee CEN/TC 264 ‘Air Quality’ is responsible for the preparation of European Standards in the section of air quality. CEN/TC 264 was formed in 1991 in Bonn, Germany. At present 20 working groups and two ad-hoc working groups are developing validated European Standards to support the EU legislation.

The working groups focus on the standardisation of methods for air quality characterisation of emissions, ambient air, indoor air, gases in and from the ground and deposition, in particular measurement methods for air pollutants (for example particles, gases, odours, microorganisms), meteorological parameters and methods for determination of the efficiency of gas cleaning systems. Excluded parameters from the CEN/TC 264 ‘Air Quality” scope are the determination of limit values for air pollutants, workplaces and clean rooms, and radioactive substances.

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