Researchers from IDAEA-CSIC assesses premature deaths attributable to ship pollution in eight European cities

25 May 2020

Una imagen del puerto de Barcelona. Fuente CSIC.

A study led by Mar Viana from IDAEA-CSIC in collaboration with institutions from Italy, Finland, the United States and Australia, analyzes the impact of maritime pollution on the health of citizens in eight European coastal cities: Barcelona, Nicosia, Brindisi, Athens, Venice, Melilla, Msida and Genoa. The present work is a review of pollution and epidemiological studies of recent years and evaluates how this impact can be reduced with the application of the new fuel regulations of the international convention for the prevention of pollution by ships (MARPOL (Marine Pollution Convention)). This regulation, places a stricter limit on the concentration of sulfur in ship fuels, which should not be more than 0.5% (compared to 3.50% allowed so far).

These results have been published in the journal Environment International.

Check out this publication: Estimated Health Impacts From Maritime Transport in the Mediterranean Region and Benefits From the Use of Cleaner Fuelsdoi: 10.1016/j.envint.2020.105670 Epub 2020 Mar 20

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