RECOPPs project celebrates its first official meeting

15 April 2021

REcovery of added-value raw materials from Copper Primary Production (RECOPPs) successfully completed its kickoff meeting, which involved all the partners participating in this European project, coordinated by IDAEA-CSIC and supported by EIT Raw MaterialsDespite the pandemic situation, the meeting was successfully held online and served as an official welcoming of the project.

RECOPPs, which officially started on April the 1st 2021 and will be completed by 2024, is led by IDEA-CSIC researcher, Patricia Córdoba and supported by a consortium, formed by 6 institutions: LTU Business, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC), Fundació EURECAT, Institute of Non-ferrous Metals – SIEĆ BADAWCZA ŁUKASIEWICZ – INSTYTUT METALI NIEŻELAZNYCH (IMN) and Atlantic Copper S.L.U.

The meeting, led by RECOPPs coordinator and Principal Investigator, Patricia Córdoba, started off by introducing the institution that will develop the project, IDAEA-CSIC, and was followed by a brief presentation of the partners involved in it. The second part of the meeting was focused on the launch of RECOPPs and was the opportunity for the consortium to introduce their institutions and their role in developing this project.

The RECOPPs kickoff meeting was completed on a positive note with a discussion to clarify questions and doubts among the participants and to corroborate that the project is now on track.



RECOPPs is a technology demonstration project at technology readiness level (TRL) of 7 based on innovative resources recovery technology solutions for the Cu metallurgical industries residues. Non-ferrous metallurgical plants, key elements of our society, are large facilities managing large volumes of raw materials (as Sb and Bi in the form of wastes) and facing two main problems: i) the generation of large quantities of wastes as the processed metal is only a small fraction of the raw material; ii) the presence of toxic elements such as As, generating, as a result, large volumes of toxic waste to be gathered and managed.

RECOPPs project will validate a new technological solution integrating the removal of As in a stable and safe mineral phase form and, at the same time, the recovery process of added-value raw materials, Bi and Sb, from different waste process streams generated in Cu metallurgical plants.

As result of the project, in addition to the improvement of the waste cycle management on the non-ferrous metallurgical industry, it will be promoted the circular economy approach that allows the recovery added-value secondary resources to be easily market.


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