Open submissions for AGU Fall Meeting 2021 session “Biogeochemistry of multi-contaminants and emerging pollutants”

19 July 2021

The IDAEA researchers Estanislao Pujades and Anna Jurado are conveners of the H034 – “Biogeochemistry of multi-contaminants and emerging pollutants in the critical zone: Reactivity and Treatment Solutions” session within the Hydrology topic in the international conference American Geophysical Union, AGU Fall Meeting 2021, which will take place in New Orleans (LA, USA) and online everywhere between the 13-17 December 2021.

The aim of this session is to address the understanding of the bio-physical-chemical mechanisms controlling the mobility, accumulation, transformation, toxicity of pollutants and associated risks, as well as remediation solutions.

Submit your abstract before the 4th of August on this link.




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