Marco Dentz wins the InterPore Medal for Porous Media Research

9 March 2021

The International Society for Porous Media (InterPore) has awarded Marco Dentz, from the Groundwater and Hydrogeochemistry group, with the InterPore Medal for Porous Media Research. This award is given to researchers with an established career in recognition of outstanding research in general porous media, with emphasis on research conducted over the past 10 years.

This year, the Medal has been awarded to Marco Dentz, whose research focuses on hydrodynamic flow and transport in porous media and the quantitative understanding of flow, mixing and reactive transport phenomena from the pore to the regional scale. He combines theory, numerical simulation, and new data-analysis strategies to shed light on the fundamental mechanisms of flow, transport and deformation in heterogeneous porous and fracture media, and to derive theories and models for process prediction at large spatial and temporal scales.

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