Marco Dentz, interviewed for his ERC Synergy-funded project KARST

24 November 2022

Researcher Marco Dentz is part of the ERC Synergy Grant-funded KARST project to study underground caves. / Source: Alejandro Rodriguez.

The IDAEA researcher Marco Dentz, from the Groundwater and Hydrogeochemistry group, has been interviewed to explain his project KARST, funded by one of the prestigious ERC Synergy Grants.

The KARST project aims to model and characterize underground cave systems around the world in order to predict water flow and contaminant transport.

The idea is to obtain a “catalog” of cave systems, according to their different characteristics, which will help to better understand how they are and how the fluids circulate inside them. The results will help predict the movement of water and contaminants and assess the impact of floods, spills, or droughts.

“Underground aquifers form a large reservoir of fresh water and are characterized by extremely rapid flow and solute conduction. But they are really sensitive and fragile systems. They can induce flooding and contamination of water resources in the face of extreme precipitation or punctual discharges of pollutants. So knowing how water and pollutants flow through these systems is of great relevance to society”, explains Marco Dentz in the interview

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