Job offer for a PhD contract on 3D models to assess the toxicity of contaminants at the IDAEA

17 June 2020


The Environmental Toxicology research group offers a predoctoral contract positionThe project will be focused on the development of 3D spheroid and tissue sections as alternative models to assess the toxicity of contaminants of emerging concern. 

Applicants must hold a degree in Biology, Biochemistry or any other relevant scientific/ technical discipline. A master degree in Toxicology/Analytical Chemistry/Biomedicine and some experience in assessing the biological effects of contaminants will be appreciated.

Type of offer: 3-year contract

Application deadline: 30th July 2020

Contact person: Cinta Porte Visa (

Environmental Toxicology (research group), IDAEA-CSIC
Jordi Girona 18-26, 08034 Barcelona


PhD candidate job offer

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