IDAEA presents the training plans for the “JAE INTRO 2021” call

10 March 2021

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has opened the call for the JAE Intro: 2021 scholarships, included in the “Board for Extension of Studies” program, in which the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) proposes and leads a total of 9 research projects (description below).
The application period ends on April 12th and is done through the Electronic Office of the CSIC:

The call offers a total of 250 grants. The amount of each scholarship is 3000€ for a 5-month period with the possibility of a 4-month extension with the same amount. During this period, its beneficiaries will join, under the direction of the researcher responsible for the chosen work topic, one of the research groups of the CSIC centres.

The main objective of these scholarships is to offer students a first contact with the professional possibilities offered by CSIC institutes in the different areas of scientific research.

Find the work topics presented by the IDAEA researchers are as follows:

Life Area

  • Topic: Spatial Transcriptomics: A new and challenging approach to study the effects of emerging contaminants in ecotoxicological studies
    Code: JAEINT21_EX_0989
    Principal Investigator: Laia Navarro Martín (
  • Topic: Estudio de la interacción de los biomicroplásticos con el medioambiente mediante experimentos en microcosmos. Análisis de compuestos lixiviados e interacción con la microbiota
    Code: JAEINT21_EX_0760
    Principal Investigator: Marta Llorca (
  • Topic: Ecohidrología. El papel de la vegetación en el ciclo del agua
    Code: JAEINT21_EX_0446
    Principal Investigator: Pilar Llorens (
  • Topic: Caracterización de poblaciones bacterianas asociadas a la contaminación marina
    Code: JAEINT21_EX_1167
    Principal Investigator: Maria Vila Costa (

Matter Area

All the official information of the JAE Intro: 2021 call is detailed in the Electronic Office of the CSIC and in the JAE Intro website.

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