Spain becomes part of the European atmospheric research infrastructure ACTRIS, in which IDAEA participates

26 July 2022

In light blue, European countries that participate in ACTRIS.

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation has formalized the accession of Spain as a founding partner of the European research infrastructure ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace gases Research Infrastructure), which is currently finalizing the process to become a permanent infrastructure of the European Research Area (ERA) under the legal form of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).

ACTRIS is an atmospheric research infrastructure that studies short-lived atmospheric constituents (aerosols, clouds, and trace gases, with residence times in the atmosphere between a few hours and a few weeks), their spatial distributions, and their interactions. 22 member states and associates of the European Union participate and support the infrastructure, together with more than 100 institutions contributing their research facilities and staff. With this formal adhesion, Spain has recently become a founding partner of ACTRIS.

IDAEA-CSIC has been participating in ACTRIS for years through the network of atmospheric research stations operated by the Environmental Geochemistry and Atmospheric Research (EGAR) group, in collaboration with the Air Monitoring and Control Service of the General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Regional background station of Montsec, at the Observatori Astronòmic del Montsec (Spain).

The network is integrated by the urban background station of Barcelona Palau Reial (located at IDAEA-CSIC facilities), and the regional background stations of Montseny (Villar de la Castanya, El Brull) and Montsec (located at the Montsec Astronomical Observatory). These stations are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for the in-situ measurement of physicochemical properties of atmospheric aerosols relevant to air quality and climate. These stations offer transnational access to researchers and companies through the AtmoAccess project.

Urban background station ‘Palau Reial’, at IDAEA-CSIC in Barcelona (Spain).

Regional background station in Montseny (Vilar de la Castanya – El Brull, Spain)

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