WP5 deliverables

MED-SPRING D5.1 - Reports on Brokerages to Strengthen Research Cooperation

In the present deliverable, a synthesis of the 2 events (the first held in Amman - Jordan in December 2013 and the second held in Marrakesh - Morocco in June 2014) to strengthen EU-MPCs research networking on selected societal challenges (water, energy, food) is presented.

MED-SPRING D5.4 - Report on Brokerage and Venturing event for R&I

In this deliverable the process to develop and implement the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Hackathon on "Eco-efficiency in the agro-food chain", organized in Amman, Jordan, from 14th to15th December 2016 by the MED-SPRING and SRTD-II projects, with the collaboration of Barilla, Cluster Spring, Seeds and Chips and Torino Wireless companies, is summarized.

MED-SPRING D5.3 - Innovation Framework Conditions

This paper presents the current policy framework regarding EU-MPC cooperation in R&I as well as the Innovation Framework conditions in MPCs as they currently stand. Furthermore, it concludes with Recommendations and tools for the MPCs to develop new regional and national Innovation Systems able to participate to international competition.

MED-SPRING D5.4 Brokerage Report M26

In the present deliverable, the process to develop and implement the 2nd Brokerage and venturing event is summarized. The fundamental support of MedSpring Agora made possible to involve young researchers / entrepreneurs as idea-carriers, accompanying them from the selection of projects/start-ups ideas toward the face-to-face meetings with potential investors.

MEDSPRING D5.4 - Reports on Brokerage Venturing for Innovation

The aim of the Task 5.4 is to organize brokerage-venturing events for innovation on selected societal challenges (water, food and energy) in MPCs. The brokerage aims at supporting the creation of partnerships and critical mass of local/regional idea-carriers and young entrepreneurs with potential investors in the region, favouring positive feedbacks on the creation of innovative start-ups opportunities, especially for youth. In the present deliverable the process to develop and implement such an innovative event is summarized.


MEDSPRING D5.2 - Report on Cluster Analysis

This report maps and analyses the science and technology (S&T) cluster initiatives in eight Mediterranean Countries, six of the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) as well as Israel and Turkey. Cluster initiatives in the sense of this report are “organised efforts to increase growth and competitiveness of clusters in a region, involving cluster firms, government and the research community”.