Unimed Unione delle Universita del Meditteraneo Associazione - UNIMED

UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, founded in the early 90s, is an Association of Universities from countries in the Euro-Mediterranean basin. UNIMED‟s main aim is to develop scientific and educational cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in order to contribute to the process of integration between the two Mediterranean shores. UNIMED collaborates with its network of universities in several activities in different fields including among others tangible and intangible cultural heritage, economics, energy, environment, management of water resources, transports, health, media, new technologies, history, agriculture, tourism.

The image that better represents our association is that of a University Without Walls. During the last two decades UNIMED has developed strong links and collaborations with the most relevant international Organisations among which the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank (EIB):, the Marseille Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), UN Academic Impact program and the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). In the frame of the MED-SPRING proposal, UNIMED will provide a significant contribution to those workpackages where the network outreach is important, namely WP2 (Analysis of Societal Challenges), WP3 (KM and Dissemination), WP4 (Euro-Mediterranean “Agora”), and WP5 (Brokerage and venturing) and WP8 as regards the mapping of existing observatories. Furthermore across the years UNIMED has acquired an extremely significant expertise in the capacity building area and therefore it will provide an important contribution to WP7 where it will coordinate two important tasks.