Sustainable Communication AISBL - S-COM

“Sustainable Communication”: Defining and Promoting a Sustainable Approach to Communication. The SCOM Association intends to promote a series of events aimed at drawing conclusions on the following issues:

  • clarify how a communication based on participation and integration could across sectorial knowledge borders and informative asymmetries, and how such a communication could carry out a connecting role in the process of knowledge sharing;
  • collect experiences and best practices on connective and mutual learning use of communication within and across sustainability systems;
  • delineate innovative communicative modalities to support the introduction of the reflexivity function;
  • that is the ability to calibrate continuously the actions undertaken (in political, economic, scientific field etc), taking into account the impact of these actions on society and environment; investigate how sustainability principles and methods could be applied in to the specific fields of institutional communication, corporate governance and scientific research;
  • study how ICT and Social Media (Information and Communication Technologies) can play a role in favour of the introduction of participative communication in multi-stakeholder analysis and decision making process.


Net7 is the expert member of Scom Association regarding new media and ICT. Net7 has both skills in the field of technology and communication. In the technology field is a leader in the development of web applications, web communities and digital libraries. In the field of communication Net7 is skilled in designing communication strategies for private clients, small and medium enterprises and industry, and in the field of Scientific Research.