Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - TESR

MHESR is responsible and supervise the National programmes on Scientific Research and coordinate the National Contact Point for the FP7 INCO Programme. Through a specific research Directorate General, they support the execution of the research programmes inside research laboratories and units, softening the procedures outlining the use of allocated funds to scientific activities of these structures. They are in charge of the promotion of innovation and technological development by supporting innovative firms and underlining the results of research, strengthening partnership between research structures and firms, giving birth to an ambitious programme for the setting-up of techno parks and nurseries of firms, and mobilizing financial resources coming from the public and private sectors, and international cooperation to the benefit of the sector.

MHESR is involved in the adoption of measures that would further involve Tunisian scientific competencies abroad in the identification, execution and evaluation of research programmes of priority. Furthermore, and through the International Cooperation Directorate General, they participate in the research and innovation policy dialogue within MoCo.

The organization works as InP (Information Point) since the Spring of 2005 within the framework of the Euro-MEDANet project, and is also involved as a partner in several FP6 projects such as EUROMEDANET, FOODNCO, PROMEDACCESS, IDEATLIST and ERAMED. In FP7 MHESR coordinated the Bilateral project ETC and is an active partner in MIRA, MED-SPRING, ERANETMED and ARIMNET2. They are currently coordinating the FP7 FETRIC project.

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