Ministere de L'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche Scientifique - DG-RSDT

DG-RSDT (Direction Générale de la Recherche Scientifique et Du Développement Technologique) is a public administration under the auspices of the Algerian Ministry of High Education & Scientific Research. It has been created in August 2008 by national decree. It has a national mission as stipulated in the scientific research law (08-05) published in 23rd February 2008. DG-RSDT is in charge of the setup and the implementation of the national five year research program (2008-2012) that covers 34 National Research Programs (PNR). It is essentially in charge of all research aspects in the country, i.e., Programming, evaluation, infrastructures, finances and valorization aspects.

DG-RSDT is placed as the secretariat of the National Council of Scientific Research and Technology Development headed by the prime Minister in order to execute all the recommendations of the national policy. DGRSDT diagram is composed of 4 Directions devoted to :

  • Programming, Evaluation and Prospective Studies;
  • Administration and Funding;
  • Infrastructures of Scientific Development, & Technical Services;
  • Valorization, Innovation and Technology Transfer


DG-RSDT coordinates the scientific and research activities of more than 850 university laboratories, 25 Research centers and 20 private research unit activities. DG-RSDT has taken part to the Inco-NET MIRA Project as partner.