Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement - IRD

The IRD is a French research institute which, working with Southern partners, addresses international development issues. The aims underpinning all its work are to improve health, understand how societies are changing and protect the environment and natural resources, with a view to achieving the global Millennium Development Goals. It is a public sector research establishment reporting to the French ministries responsible for research and for foreign office. Through partnership-based research, training and innovation it s present in more than fifty countries in Africa, the Mediterranean basin, Latin America and the French overseas territories. Its projects are jointly run with partners and are based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Its staff is 2220 including 843 researchers, 1048 non-research staff and 329 local staff. The IRD will be involved in the project in its function of Agency on Research for Development (AIRD) and according to this competence, will be able to mobilize the specific expertise of its members. The French Inter-Agency on Research for Development was founded in 2006. It brings together a number of higher learning institutions and French development-oriented research organizations. It includes CIRAD, CNRS, Universities (CPU), INSERM, IRD and Institut Pasteur. Its programs combine research, training and knowledge-sharing. Its programming is based on priority themes: governance and public policy, health, nutrition and food security, agricultural and aquacultural products, impact of climate change and societies adaptation, population and sustainable development, sustainability of ecosystems, biodiversity and anthropisation, management of natural resources, energy for the South: new and traditional forms of energy. IRD has taken part to the Inco-NET MIRA Project as partner.