Al-Quds University

Al-Quds University is the result of the merging in 1984 of three institutions of higher education under the Palestinian Authority. Nowadays Al-Quds University is a comprehensive university, and is the only Palestinian University to offer full medical training. Initiatives of distance learning were developed over the last years to have access to students in remote areas including Gaza and the refugees camps. As the only Arabic University in Jerusalem and the leader of cultural, intellectual and educational life, Al-Quds is home for very well-known lecturers and academicians from deep-rooted Universities all around the world. The University‟s over 12,000 students are offered degrees in fields ranging from law to information technology.

AlQuds University is run by an independent Board of Trustees, which oversees the work of a number of Academic and administrative boards and councils. The University is registered as a non-profit organization in the Palestinian Authority. The University's accounts are audited by the International Accounting Firm of Ernst & Young. The University had gained recognition by the International, Arab and Islamic Association of Universities. AlQuds University is progressing in establishing very well goal oriented relations with International institutions. Some key strategic points:

  • Develop into an International University
  • A safe and well development campus, services & infrastructure
  • Community centered respond to the growing needs of the Palestinian Society in general and in the inhabitant of East Jerusalem and the old city in specific.
  • Utilization of Technology for education and learning through delivery of e-content and support decision making through automation of planning and administration staff development and quality assurance.