Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche Scientifique et de la Formation des Cadres, Direction de la Technologie - MESRSFC

Former FP7-INCO.Net-MIRA Deputy Coordinator, the Direction of Technology aims at promoting the technological development and innovation in Morocco by implementing different programmes and incentives to encourage the valorization of research result, and also the links between the academic and private sectors. The Direction hosts as well the Moroccan FP7 Information Point and manages a network of 27 Institutional Contacts Points existing in Moroccan Universities, Institutes and Research Centers.

The Direction represents Morocco in the MoCo meetings and participates in different European Initiatives: FP6 and FP7 Projects, such as Euromedanet, MED7, Food-N-Co and Ideal-Ist7fp, Era-Med, Promedaccess or MIRA; and in the ENPI project Jumelage Institutionnel Maroc & France-Espagne Appui au Systeme National de la Recherche au Maroc pour une Integration a l’Espace Europeen de la Recherche. The Direction of Technology is managing actually the following European projects: MOBILISE, MED-SPRING, ERANET MED and ARIMNET.

The Direction of Technology relives of the Moroccan Ministry of higher education and scientific research organs. The main missions of this direction are to promote and encourage the technological development and innovation by implementing programs and incentives to encourage the valorisation of research result and links between academic and private sectors. For international cooperation, the Direction of Technology participates in several European initiatives like EUREKA, and has assisted to several MOCO meetings. The Direction hosts also the Moroccan information point on European FP‟‟s. This is a national structure which starts his activities July 5th, 2005. The INP undertook several actions of which:

  • 15 seminars of sensitizing at the national level for the FP 6
  • 17 presentations at national level on the FP 7 between January- march2007
  • Assessment and statistics of the Moroccan participation in the FP‟‟s (1st-6th)
  • Support and assistance with the researchers for partner research and submition and management of their projects


The INP Morocco, is a consortium partner in 6 projects of FP6: Euromedanet (establishment of INP in south Mediterranean countries), MED7 (identification of thematic priorities for EURO-MED cooperation within FP7), Food-N-Co and Ideal-Ist7fp (international cooperation network to enhance partner search), Era-Med and Promedaccess (create and train a network of institutional Contacts Points at a nationally level). INP Morocco manages also a network of 27 Institutional Contacts Points existing in Moroccan Universities, Institutes and Research Centres. DT- MENESFCRS has taken part to the Inco-NET MIRA Project as deputy coordinator.


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