MED-SPRING Third Inter-institutional meeting on mobility

The third inter-institutional meeting of MED-SPRING "Towards an innovative Euro-Mediterranean mobility" was held in Bari on 27th April 2016. Building on the work carried out by MED-SPRING, which lead to the drafting of an "Action Plan for innovative mobility schemes in the Euro-Mediterranean region", the meeting gathered MPCs research ministries/institutions partners of MedSpring, EC representatives in charge for mobility programmes and coordinators of major mobility initiatives in the region. Please find the event agenda and the powerpoint presentations.

The Work Package 6 of MED-SPRING project, financed under the 7FP, is aimed at enhancing institutional and financial synergies for regional co-operation in Research and Innovation. In this frame a survey on initiatives and instruments to foster innovative mobility schemes has been carried out with the main aim to agree and define new mobility patterns that can have a socio-economic impact on Euro-Mediterranean region, and, at the same time, improve relations across borders. In line with the results of the above mentioned survey and previous meetings organized within the WP6, the third inter-institutional meeting is specifically aimed to put Human Capacity Building and Innovative Mobility Schemes at the heart of policies and actions for long-lasting cooperation.

This event was organized back to back with the Info Day on Marie-Curie Action.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 9:00am to 6:00pm
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