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The Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway (MED-SPRING) is a Coordination Action financed by the INCO-Net instrument under the FP7 - Capacities Programme. The aim of the Project is to contribute to the quality of the Euro-Mediterranean research area, with a particular focus on the bi-regional Euro-Mediterranean S&T cooperation, research and innovation, policy dialogue and cooperation monitoring.




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Dear readers, welcome to the nineth issue of the MED-SPRING E-Newsletter, which has the purpose of informing about our activities and involving researchers, stakeholders, policy makers and governmental officers in a renewed strategy for the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, with a particular focus on the Euro-Mediterranean Science and Technology Cooperation.


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Our recent activities

MED-SPRING training on Innovation - MED-SPRING project organized a "Training on Innovation", scheduled from 25th to 27th November 2015. The Training on Innovation was organized in the frame of the EU funded project MED-SPRING in synergy with the capacity building initiatives of the EU funded project MERID, to support networking and cooperation in R&I in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The training was addressed to officials and experts from the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Iran and Iraq. Two young researchers funded through the EU funded MEDMOBIL project also joined the training. Participants represented governmental organisations, research institutions and business clusters. Read more.

MED-SPRING Third annual meeting - From the 18th to 19th February 2016, MED-SPRING organized in Tunis (Tunisia), the two-days event, hosted by the Tunisian Ministry for Research and Higher Education, "Annual Meeting of the General Assembly" and "Project External Advisory Board Meeting". Read more.


Our coming activities

MED-SPRING Third Inter-institutional meeting on mobility - The third inter-institutional meeting of MED-SPRING "Towards an innovative Euro-Mediterranean mobility" will be held in Bari on 27th April 2016. Building on the work carried out by MED-SPRING, which lead to the drafting of an "Action Plan for innovative mobility schemes in the Euro-Mediterranean region", the meeting will gather MPCs research ministries/institutions partner of MedSpring, EC representatives in charge for mobility programmes and coordinators of major mobility initiatives in the region. This event will be organized back to back with the Info Day on Marie-Curie Action. Read more.


MED-SPRING - 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage and Venturing Event on Research and Innovation - The 26th-27th May 2016, MED-SPRING organizes in Valenzano (Italy), hosted by CIHEAM-IAMB, in collaboration with MHESR, MCST, ANIMA and DLR, the event: "3rd Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage and Venturing Event on Research and Innovation". Coming to its third edition, and building on the previous events (in Cairo on February 2014 and in Berlin on February 2015) the next one will be a regional Euro-Mediterranean event where companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and researchers from different EU and Mediterranean countries participate with the aim of facilitating bridging between research and innovation through the creation of private-public and research-enterprise partnerships. Read more.


Also in the pipeline!

Report on the energy needs of refugees and displaced people worldwide  - The Moving Energy Initiative (MEI) is a collaboration between GVEP International, Chatham House, Practical Action Consulting, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The consortium has released a report on the energy needs of refugees and displaced people worldwide. The report presents the first ever estimates of the volume and costs of their energy consumption. Read more.

Tunisia joins H2020 - Researchers and innovators from Tunisia will now be able to participate in Horizon 2020, the EU framework programme for research and innovation, under the same conditions as their counterparts from EU Member States and other 13 associated countries. The Association Agreement allows for enhanced cooperation in research and innovation between the EU and Tunisia, vital for successful and modern economies. It also represents another step towards reaching the EU goal of opening research and innovation to the world. Read more.

New video on the ``Water for Life Decade'' - The United Nations programme ``Water for Life'' presented a video on the ``Water for Life Decade''. Please find it at: UN goal during the Water for Life Decade was to promote efforts to fulfill international commitments in the water sphere by 2015. They have tried to raise the profile of water in the global agenda, and to focus the world's attention on the groundbreaking, lifesaving, empowering work done by those implementing water programs and projects. Read more.




Meet our partners: SEKEM 

The SEKEM initiative was founded to realize the vision of sustainable human development. Its mission is the development of the individual, society and environment through a holistic concept integrating economic, societal and cultural life. Above all, SEKEM aspires to be an impulse for continuous development in all parts of life, to be not only a model for, but also a contribution to the development of the entire world.


In 1977, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish started the SEKEM initiative on an untouched part of the Egyptian desert (70 hectares) 60 km northeast of Cairo. Using Biodynamic agricultural methods, desert land was revitalized and a striving agricultural business developed. Over the years, SEKEM became the umbrella of a multifaceted agro-industrial group of companies and NGOs. Today, SEKEM is regarded as a leading social business worldwide.


In 2003, the Schwab Foundation selected Dr. Abouleish as one of the world's outstanding Social Entrepreneurs. In the same year, SEKEM and Dr. Abouleish received the prestigious "Right Livelihood Award'', also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. The awarding committee stated that "SEKEM demonstrates how a modern business model combines profitability and success in world markets with a humane and spiritual approach to people while maintaining respect for the environment".


SEKEM mission is to realize the Vision for Sustainable Development in Egypt. SEKEM:

  • establishes Biodynamic agriculture as the competitive solution for the environmental, social and food security challenges of the 21st century.
  • supports individual development through holistic education and medical care.
  • creates workplaces reflecting human dignity and supporting employee development.
  • builds successful business models in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.
  • innovates for sustainable development through research in natural and social sciences.
  • locally and globally advocates for a holistic approach to sustainable development.

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