Pollutant Dynamics in Water Treatment and Depuration

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This subline is devoted to contribute to the understanding of the fate and behaviour of organic contaminants in wastewater treatments. The wastewater treatments under study include: conventional activated sludge treatment and a range of innovative and alternative processes such as advanced oxidation, membranes (NF and RO) used alone or in combination with biological treatments, low cost options such as constructed wetlands etc. This goal will be achieved by a double approach. First, identification of the contaminants in industrial and municipal wastewaters by the use of advanced analytical methods and linked to the evaluation of their environmental and health risks. Second, application of a range of advanced and cost-effective technologies for on-site treatment of effluents. Main objectives are (i) to improve the best available technology for the elimination of organic contaminants from municipal wastewaters and industrial effluents and (ii) to achieve an improved understanding of the (bio)transformation and ecotoxicity of contaminants during wastewater treatment.



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