The Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) kicked off its Gender Equality Committee in 2019. It aims to promote awareness and actions to ensure equal ease of access to resources and opportunities, valuing different behaviors, aspirations and needs, regardless of gender. The Committee works to prevent inequalities and discrimination that may generate situations of inferiority for reasons of gender or sexual orientation


Gender Equality Committee:



Survey on Equality during the COVID19 (July 2020)
The Gender Equality Committee from IDAEA launched a survey to know how scientific production was affected by the lockdown, from a gender perspective. The results were analyzed in this report, also addressing the opinion of IDAEA employees about teleworking.
Gender Equality Committees in CSIC Centres
Links to other Committees devoted to tackle the gender bias issue in other CSIC research institutes.
Institutional Documentation
Official documents from national and internartional organizations on the gender equality topic.
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