Project Description

Particle emissions from harbour areas: release, fate and management


The aim of IDEALPORT (Particle emissions from harbour areas: release, fate and management) is to assess the impact of industrial harbour activities on non-exhaust particle exposures and health impacts. Harbour areas are relevant sources of atmospheric particulate matter due to activities such as vessel maintenance operations and handling of dusty materials.

Specifically, maintenance operations have become an emerging environmental and health risk due to the increasing use of engineered nanoparticles in antifouling paints and protective coatings. Harbour emissions can affect both indoor and outdoor air quality, and therefore cause health impacts due to inhalation to workers but also the general population. Understanding these impacts is complex, and thus a multidisciplinary approach is needed.

IDEALPORT will address this gap by monitoring non-exhaust harbour particle (coarse, ultrafine and nanoparticles) emissions, understanding particle sources and emission mechanisms, quantifying personal exposure concentrations, establishing links with health by characterising particle toxicity, and promoting sustainable management practices by applying exposure prediction and forecasting models and proposing real-time monitoring strategies.

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Contact: Mar Viana