Project Description


The FOCI project (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D1-01 Climate sciences and responses) aims at improving our knowledge of individual and cumulative contribution of non-CO2 radiative forcers and their precursors. Specifically, FOCI targets those species where there is the greatest of uncertainty in determining their impact on climate change and the associated influence on weather patterns (e.g., atmospheric and ocean circulation and extreme weather events), air pollution episodes and health impacts. Our integrated observational and modelling analysis will focus on the radiative forcing properties of PM2.5/PM10, CCN and their components (e.g., POA, SOA, BC/EC, SIA, dust), O3 (and its precursors NOx, VOCs, SO2, CO), CH4, and N2O in the wider context of the warming potential of all key GHGs. 24 European Research Institutions including experimentalists and modelers are involved in the FOCI project to assess the impact of key radiative forcers on the climate system.

Contact: Marco Pandolfi