Project Description

DNAAP Collaboration with AEROSOL D.O.O. (Slovenia)

12/2018 – 07/2020


This project aims at developing a new procedure for real time detection of Saharan dust in the atmosphere and for real-time quantification of dust mass concentration in PM10. Saharan dust may contribute more than 60% to the total PM10 concentration in Mediterranean countries during a strong dust pollution event. This may lead to exceedances of the daily average concentration of 50 µg/m and may cause adverse consequences on human health.

On the other hand, mineral dust affects the climate system directly by scattering and absorbing radiation. Model AE33 ‘Next Generation’ Aethalometers (Magee Scientific) simultaneously measuring absorption properties of PM10, PM1 and PM1-TSP are deployed at the three measuring stations which form part of the EGAR monitoring network (Barcelona, Montseny and Montsec). Multi-wavelengths absorption measurements and PM chemically speciated data are the key measurements used for the quantification of the dust mass absorption cross section (MAC) thus allowing determining the amount of African dust in the atmosphere from absorption measurements only.

Project link: dnaap
Contact: Andrés Alastuey, Marco Pandolfi