Our mission
IDAEA is an environmental science institute devoted to the study of the human footprint on the biosphere. We help to resolve 21st century environmental problems by providing high-quality research to the scientific community, and by raising awareness of environmental pollutants to the citizens.

Our vision
Our aim is to be the leading centre, at both national and international levels, in the objective of transforming our societies into healthier, safer and more sustainable places to live.

Our values

    • Excellence
      It is difficult to overemphasise the value of high-quality research in the endeavour of facing global environmental challenges. Excellent science is at the core of everything we do. The award of Centre of Excellence ‘Severo Ochoa’ that IDAEA won recently proves that and encourages us to keep giving our best.
    • Collaboration
      We believe that teamwork, interdisciplinary, and international teams aim at broader objectives. This is only possible in a collaborative atmosphere. To tackle global environmental issues, it is essential to create a respectful environment to foster trustable relationships.
    • Responsibility
      Independent and evidence-based research is an act of responsibility. Not only with ourselves, and our mission and vision, but also with the rest of the scientific community, the society and the environment.
    • Transparency
      We strongly support transparency, ethics and integrity as the moral ground in which excellent science can grow and ultimately, benefit the society.
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