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Nº2 - February 2021

Second meeting with the External Scientific Advisory Committee


IDAEA celebrates the 11 February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science


The sustainability survey is launched to make IDAEA a more environmental-friendly workplace


Kick-off sampling of the project about CO2 in classrooms in the context of climate change and Covid-19 pandemic


IDAEA participates in the White Book Scientific Challenges 2030 of CSIC



March Agenda

8 March is the International Women's Day 

The IDAEA Equality Committee has organized an event focused on the impact of gender on the research career. Four IDAEA female researchers will explain their experience, and will share their thoughts in a round table moderated by the La Vanguardia journalist Cristina Sáez. 

Monday 8 March. 12:00h, YouTube live

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Claudia Sanz, Núria Trilla, Rotman Criollo and Marc Teixidó will participate in the "IDAEA weekly seminar series"
When? 3 March (Claudia and Núria), 8 March (Rotman), 24 March (Marc), 12:00h
Online (link to be sent by email)
  ¿Cómo puedo apoyar a mi hija si le atraen los estudios STEM?
When? 24 March, 19:00h
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Other events outside IDAEA
El paper de la recerca científica en la
conservació del patrimoni geològic

Who? Joan Martí, GEO3BCN-CSIC
10 March, 12-13h
Language? Catalan
Online (click here to register)

Servicio de cambio climático de Copernicus: retos y soluciones en España
When? 24-25 March, 9-17h
Language? Spanish
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Getting to know...




DSWAP Project - Sustainable systems to reuse wastewater for agriculture

DSWAP-PRIMA project aims at using wastewater for irrigation in a safe and sustainable way.

The project is developing modular, sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment systems to remove pathogens, contaminants and other threats. This ensures an optimal reused water quality for agricultural irrigation.

Researchers Josep Maria Bayona, Benjamí Piña, Víctor Matamoros and Sylvia Mansilla, from the Environmental Pollution & Agriculture (EPA) group, participate in this project.



IDAEA in the media

International scientists ask for a global science-policy body for the management of chemical compounds

An international group of scientists, including the researcher Joan Grimalt, proposes the creation of a global science-policy body to inform policy makers and public opinion about the management of chemicals and waste



¿Es posible convertir mascarillas en combustible?

Listen to the researcher Ethel Eljarrat, who was interviewed in the radio program "Por tres razones", from Radio Nacional de España, talking about the plastic waste related to the Covid19 pandemic.



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