WP6 deliverables

MED-SPRING D6.6 - Proposal for an Euro-Mediterranean Joint Programming

This report aims to illustrate the main themes addressed during the three inter-institutional meetings organised within the framework of the Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway (MEDSPRING) project focusing on ideas and suggestions to foster and increase cooperation and innovative mobility between EU Member States and Mediterranean Partner Countries and create joint programming.

MED-SPRING D6.4 - Report on Instruments and Joint actions to improve mobility in the Mediterranean region

The aim of the report is to provide results of the activities carried out in the frame of MEDSPRING–WP6 project dealing with mobility issues. They take stock of the instruments and programs at EU and national level; collect data on gender issues, barriers to international and inter-sectoral mobility; outline best practices based on international projects with the final goal to suggest actions in the short and medium long term for enhancing innovative mobility schemes.

MEDSPRING D6.2 - Analysis report on JPIs relevant Fora and impact to MPCs

The aim of the Task 6.2 is to analyze the current Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) in order to identify potential involvement of Mediterranean Partner Countries and ways to further develop euro-mediterranean cooperation in Research and Innovation (R&I).

MEDSPRING D6.3 - Meeting for Joint Programming

This report is aimed at illustrating the main themes addressed during the inter-institutional meeting held in Beirut on 11 July 2013, conceived as a part of the “Inter-Institutional Capacity Building & Awareness Workshop” (Beirut, 11-12.07.2013). The preparatory work to the workshop, such as the results of the ad-hoc meeting of the Organizing Committee (Bari, 4-5.06.2013), the documentation drafted for the event and the follow up initiatives are illustrated as well.

MEDSPRING D6.1 - PLC analysis and evaluation report

This report maps and analyses the science and technology (S&T) cooperation programmes taking place in the seven Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. The specific aim of this report is:

  • To identify the existing complementary research programmes to avoid overlap and facilitate synergy between existing programmes and new initiatives,
  • To identify the types of activities with a potential for a joint approach.