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Best Climate Practices for Energy Poverty Alleviation

In the effort to harness the collective brilliance and promote a wide range of valuable proposals, every year the Best Climate Practices observatory invites the users to submit innovative best practices to tackle climate change or to face a related challenge.

The competition is sponsored by ICCG's Best Climate Practices Observatory and is open to best practices related to the issues of energy poverty as actions liable to mitigate or aid in adapting to climate change. The competition is open to:

Green Infrastructure Guide for Water Management: Ecosystem-based management approaches for water-related infrastructure projects

The aim of this Guide is to raise awareness of the benefits of Green Infrastructure (GI) solutions for water resources management. It takes a pragmatic approach to water management, and shows that GI can provide significant water management benefits and co-benefits, and also can support benefits from  existing grey water infrastructure through a mutually complimentary mix of green and grey solutions.

Successful completion of UfM project in Jordan and Tunisia

The first phase of the UfM-labelled project “Governance & Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector” has been completed following successful policy dialogues in Jordan and Tunisia. The project aims to improve the public governance and attract investments to the water sector of the Mediterranean region. The promoters GWP-Med and OECD organised workshops to launch national reports in Amman and Tunis, respectively. Stakeholders from the water and wastewater sector - authorities, utilities, donors, civil society, private sector, etc.

First Regional Conference on Governance and Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector

The First Regional Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) labelled project "Governance & Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector" will be held on 28-30 October 2014, in Athens, Greece, in close collaboration with the EU funded Sustainable Water Integrated Management - Support Mechanism (SWIM-SM) project.

Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Agriculture

In the framework of the Italian EU Presidency in the second semester of 2014, the Italian Authorities have decided to hold a Euro-Mediterranean Conference on agriculture in Palermo (Sicily) on November 28th, 2014. This Conference ideally follows the path of dialogue set out with the First Euro-Mediterranean Conference on agriculture that took place in Venice on November 27th, 2003.

Water, energy and food nexus in the Arab region

Addressing water scarcity, both natural and humaninduced, in the Arab region is considered one of the major and most critical challenges facing the Arab countries. This challenge is expected to grow with time due to many pressing driving forces, including population growth, food demand, unsettled and politicized shared water resources, climate change, and many others, forcing more countries into more expensive water sources, such as desalination, to augment their limited fresh water supplies.

Report on how agrifood firms are building new business cases in the water-energy-food nexus

Understanding water-energy-food inter-linkages and managing them holistically is critical to sustainability in the sector. But while some private enterprises in the agrifood sector understand the significance of the nexus – and some have already seen competitive advantages in nexus-driven solutions for sustainable crop management, processing, distribution and retailing - most do not.

Final Conference of the IWRM-net Scientific Coordination Project

The "Final Conference of the IWRM-net Scientific Coordination Project" will be held in Brussels, from October 21st to 22nd, 2014.


From 2010 to 2014, six European research projects funded within the IWRM Net ERA-Net second call have investigated new solutions for integrated water resources management in Europe, under three main themes:


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