Strategies for developing cultural and creative industries between Europe and the Mediterranean

In the framework of the 7th edition of the Mediterranean Economic Week, ANIMA held a seminar on "Which strategies to develop cultural and creative industries between Europe and the Mediterranean? What are the lessons learned? What is the role of the external investor?" in Marseille (France), on 6 November 2013.

Context and description

In the MED countries, the wave of liberalisation of some economies and the recent Arab spring events have opened up a window of opportunity for creativity and cultural expression and paved the way to the evolution of the creative industries in the region, partly enabled by the emancipation of the audiovisual media and the publishing industry, not to mention the use of the social networks.

With the deindustrialisation of certain European areas, creative industries emerged as important drivers for reinvigorating economic growth and boost other traditional sectors.

Besides, EU's policy, whether dedicated to the Member States or neighbouring countries, has given increased weight to the cultural and creative sectors and represents a timely support for development in the Mediterranean region.

This is why ANIMA invites you to attend the seminar which will gather some of the most advanced players in the field, from both sides of the Mediterranean.

The seminar will highlight best practices and key factors of success witnessed in European territories. It will also provide an insight into selected initiatives implemented in the MED countries. Discussions between the participants will help crossing point of views and identifying a series of actions to be developed in the creative field, at the Euro-Mediterranean level.

The speakers will share their experiences and address the following points:

What are the different approaches to developing a strategy aimed at cultural and creative industries? Who are the leaders of this strategy? What are the endogenous factors towards success? What is the role of external players, notably investors?



  • 14h-14h30 - Introduction : context and goals - Speaker: ANIMA
  • 14h30-15h30 - Strategies to develop creative industries in Europe: best practices - Speakers: Provence Promotion (Marseille, France), Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Barcelona, Spain), PROMOS (Milan, Italy), Departure (Vienna, Austria), MFG Baden-Wurtemberg (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • 16h-18h Cultural and creative industries in the MED countries: initiatives and opportunities - Speakers: EUNIC Jordan (Jordan), British Council (Lebanon & Egypt), FIPA (Tunisia), Ministère de la Culture (Morocco)
  • 18h - 18h30 Discussions and conclusions

Participation is free within the limit of the number of seats available. Online registration is mandatory. Registrations are to be made on the website of the Mediterranean Economic Week:

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