Report on how to achieve 100% renewable energy by the World Future Council

The World Future Council has published a report on How to achieve 100% renewable energy. A transition is underway around the world: Away from an energy system powered by increasingly expensive and unsustainable fossil fuel resources toward one powered fully by abundant, local, and affordable renewable energy sources. In the years ahead, this transition is poised to improve the quality of life for millions, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and help forge a world that is more just toward both current and future generations.

This report provides an overview of some of the early pioneers leading the way toward such a future. The rising economic, health-related, and environmental costs of burning fossil fuels, combined with the accelerating impacts of climate change are introducing a new urgency into global efforts to rapidly diversify away from fossil fuels. As the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports highlight, in order to ensure planetary habitability for today’s and future generations, we urgently need to build societies powered by safe, affordable, and sustainable energy. More than 2/3 of global GHG emissions originate from the burning of fossil resources such as oil, gas and coal. In order to remain below a 2 degrees Celsius increase compared to pre-industrial temperatures, it will be necessary to move to a fully decarbonized energy sector by 2050. The close interconnection between our current energy system and the emerging climate crisis demonstrates that energy is not only the key problem we need to solve; it is also the solution.