Removing Barries for Biogas in a Circular Agro-economy

The conference on "Removing Barries for Biogas in a Circular economy" was held on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at the "Representation of Lower Saxony to the EU", Rue Montoyer 61 Bruxelles.

The agricultural sector is an excellent testing bed for the Circular Economy, traditionally open to the culture of cascading use and cost-effective solutions. A more circular agro-economy entails more efficient use of natural resources, while reducing the environmental impacts to a minimum level. While cost-effective technological solutions are available to combine the production of biogas with the production of organic fertilizers, and with that the recycling of valuable soil components, the market and policy conditions in the EU are not always fostering such activities.

Key findings from a number of BIOTEAM case study countries were presented (i.e. Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Germany and The Netherlands). Barriers in market and policy environments were discussed. Various options were explored, with the help of a qualified platform discussion (European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform, European Biogas Association and COPA*COGECA, among others) in the second part of the seminar, on how to overcome such obstacles.

The ambition of this event was to better embed biogas production in the Circular Economy in the EU Agro-economy.