MEDSPRING D8.4 - Implementation of the Observatories Networking meeting minutes

In order to meet the demand of giving support to the Observatories in the Mediterranean region, one of the aims of MEDSPRING is to explore and facilitate the creation of "a dialogue/cooperation Platform" of Euro-Mediterranean observatories linking, describing and analyzing the research and innovation potential in the region, to support monitoring policy development and cooperation in areas of mutual interests and needs, with emphasis on the societal challenges addressed by MedSpring “Resource Efficiency”, High Quality Affordable Food”, “Energy” as well as other related challenges and cross-cutting issues.

The First Networking Meeting of Euro-Mediterranean Observatories was organized on the 19th of December in Paris, to: support the development of collaborative links between Observatories of both sides of the Mediterranean; to develop a shared vision necessary in order to build a “platform” of Euro-Mediterranean Observatories; to pave the way for future networking activities.