EMEG Open consultation

In order to address the societal challenges of high quality affordable food, scarcity of resources and renewable energies in the Mediterranean region, the MED-SPRING project launched an on-line Open Consultation.

We are always looking for active citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and everyone else who has a stake in food, water and energy in the Mediterranean region. All people participating in this open consultation can help us to frame a better understanding of the societal challenges of the Mediterranean and build adequate instruments to address them.

All the opinions and views have been taken seriously and collected suggestions and comments will form part of recommendations and inputs for actions to research managers and policy makers, as well as the European Commission, contributing to frame and orient the Euro-Mediterranean research agenda.

Want to know more? Head to: http://agora.medspring.eu/en

To register and participate, head to: http://agora.medspring.eu/sites/default/files/uploads/oc_quick_help.pdf

Get your voice heard! Participate in this consultation and become our partner! Get heard! Get involved!

Find also the outcomes of the Open Consultation for energy, food and water, and also the barriers and the positive factors.