Call for Papers - Renewable Energy Cooperation

RES Cooperation within the EU, as well as with EU neighboring countries is high on Europe’s political agenda. In January 2011, the European Commission (EC) called for more cooperation to meet the 2020 RES targets and the recently published EU 2050 roadmap opened up discussion on how to fully decarbonise Europe’s Energy system in the long term, keeping in mind that current capacity and infrastructure will be of critical importance for the long term pathways.

An important role for cost effectively meeting the RES 2020 target but also for the design of Europe’s Energy system beyond 2020 may involve cooperation within the EU and with the EU’s neighbor regions incentivized by RES cooperation mechanisms as provided in the new RES directive that entered into force in June 2009. Directive 2009/28/EC provides four cooperation mechanisms available to EU Member States to realize part of their national EU target abroad.

Thus, the core objective of this Special Issue is to collect high-quality papers that assess, through case studies and integrated analysis, to what extent RES cooperation (between Member States and between Member States and neighboring countries) can help Europe achieve its RES targets in 2020 and beyond, trigger the deployment of RES projects in these countries, and create synergies and win-win circumstances for all involved parties.